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  1. Well it wasnt the end of the world, what was supposed to happen?

    The apocalypse predictions are all Hollywood based and have no reality for the Maya elders who only said December 21st 2012 is the end of a cycle of 5,125 approx. of our Gregorian Calendar Earth years. Many of us continue to  focus our thoughts and dreams upon change for a positive future as we begin the next cycle. In effect, this date laid down an important marker stone in time and the real journey for positive change is only just getting underway

  2. What is Earthseeker Day?

    December 22 every year is a time to meditate and re-connect with Nature. It's a turning point for both northern and southern hemispheres, a change in light gaining or light waneing. It was  especially important on December 22 2012, to set the tone for the new cycle of Maya time. Please see the Earthseeker Day page on this website for more information. 

  3. What is a Daykeeper?

    In the Mayan Indian traditions of Central America a Daykeeper is appointed by his village or locality to keep the ancient count of days. In Guatemala this is called 'The Mayan Habitual Rite'. Every day has a special name and  interpretation and some days are more auspicious than others. The Daykeepers keep this tradition alive by holding a Fire Ceremony that is fully participatory by the villagers and offerings are given to the fire as the days are ritually counted. 

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Mayan Calendars

  1. What is a Mayan Calendar?

    People usually refer to the T'zolk'in (a 260 day count) as the main Mayan Calendar. However there are many others known by archaelogists and modern Daykeepers: the Haab, the Long Count, and Moon and star counts etc. 

  2. What is Dreamspell?

    Dreamspell is a modern calendar count devised by visionary and artist Jose Arguelles. It is followed by many non-Maya people but is not recognised by modern Mayan Daykeepers.

    It does introduce the concept of cyclical time and each day having an individual energy. As such, it can be said that it reflects aspects of cosmic time.

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