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Earthseeker Day 22nd December each year


 Every December 22 to be set aside as  EARTHSEEKER DAY.

Honouring the birth of a new alignment of planetary energies.

This is the day to be outside in nature to celebrate the dawning of a completely new alignment of planetary energies. In 2012 it was the date when humanity had the opportunity to begin anew. For this reason it is named Earthseeker Day and it is the first day of the new count of time written in the Maya Long Count Calendar. This means that thirteen ?baktuns?, a period of 1,872,000 days plus 1 day have elapsed in a Great Cycle from the commencing date, generally agreed to equate to August 13, 3114BCE. According to Maya myth this is when One First Mother and One First Father brought the present world into being. Similarly the Hopi and Zuni Pueblo peoples of the American southwest speak of humans ?emerging? through successive worlds and the aim is for them to evolve spiritually.

On Earthseeker Day we are meeting our future in the ever-present Now. The seed has been planted. The birth of a new alignment of planetary energies in relation to the cosmos has occurred.

Earthseeker Day enables us to be truly human, embracing our spiritual inheritance as ?homo spiritus? - a new kind of being.

What you can do in the years ahead: Within our deepest heart centre we just know how human survival is intrinsically linked to the natural world in all its diversity. So on each annual Earthseeker Day we celebrate and meditate with our wonderful planet, her trees, mountains, waters, animals, birds and all the sentient beings, both seen and unseen as we seek the magical in the mundane. Such a meditation is most helpful at dawn or dusk when the busyness of the world is slowed down. Especially at those times hold a vision or dream of perfection in your heart and let its radiance spread across the land.


Imagine a bright Light filled with wisdom and unconditional love caressing and transmuting all it touches. Let this Light spread in ever-increasing circles from your heart to your immediate environment then further into your nearest towns or villages. Let it circle out across the land, reaching the sea, distant countries and then finally encompassing the whole planet in radiance. Envision all humanity re-connecting with this Light. See our Earth aligning with the Galactic Centre, re-calibrating and structuring positive Earth energies that will take all life forms inhabiting her into a unified future. Treasure this unity as a jewel of Light in the starry nights of cosmic time yet to come, that has been and is.


Here is the Earthseeker Vision that we can use every day to remind us of our destiny.



 The Earthseeker Vision


E       Envision       

a responsible and positive guardianship with planet Earth.



to clear the past, releasing our personal and national ?control   dramas?.


R       Remember       

that every act has a consequence.



and Honour the Breath of Life ? the air, winds and atmosphere.


H       Hold       

dear to our hearts all the creatures of the Earth and their interconnectedness with the food that sustain us.



use Earth?s finite resources, such as oil and gas, wisely.


E       Endeavour       

amongst our communities and nations to seek to communicate and act in better ways for the benefit of all.


E       Endlessly       

share with one another the Seed of Life - Spirit and Light - remembering we are all part of the same Creation


K       Keep       

feelings of positivity even when challenged, since you are responsible for your own happiness.



into a time of graceful transition of human life and activities, in order to be in harmony with Nature.


R       Remain       

mindful of our vision of unity.



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