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   Venus Transit Moonset - June 2012


                                                        Venus Transit Sunrise - June 2012





 Altar at Maya Dreamtime 2012 at Glastonbury, U:K. June 2012.



 Vision Council at Maya Dreamtime 2012.




Don Alejandro

Events and  News - updated   8th May 2013.


The film   "Land Awakening"   had its 
European Premiere at the amazing Universal Hall in the FINDHORN FOUNDATION , Scotland this last June 16.

The Findhorn Foundation is one of the most relevant and successful sustainable eco-villages in the world. It is a great honor to screen the film in such an exceptional place as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, during this special time, the 2012 summer solstice week.
In reality there were two showings of the full length film with questions taken afterwards. The film was enthusiastically received by some 150 people and judged by the questions, provoked deep interest in the subject. 
It was extremely appropriate for the film to be shown, because the imprint of the devic memory banks were once again enhanced... a reminder from those days 50 years ago when vegetables began to grow with such vigour after ROC made contact with this unseen world. Human's enjoyed the film too!

Screening "Land Awakening" at Findhorn for me represents a tremendous recognition to the film. I can't fully express how happy I am for this. It is an amazing reward to all these three years plus of work dedicated to what it is now for me a fully life-changing experience: "Land Awakening".

Once again I ask you all to support the film by checking for updates and more news on the website and following the film on Facebook.

Thank you very much for reading once again.

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Peacebuilding Initiatives

The newly upgraded Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI) website & social network is improving daily.  The events locator & map, which is possibly the most important part, is now working and accepting event listings from all over the world - and for all types of Peacebuilding events, for any occasion not just the International Day of Peace.

CPI is a local-global Peacebuilding Initiative uniting our strengths along diverse pathways to realize a Culture of Peace for allCPI highlights inter-generational and inter-cultural Peacebuilders who are revealing the emerging Culture of Peace.

 21st Sept is International Day for Peace


Maya Dreamtime 2012 & Vision Council was held Glastonbury, UK, on 14th & 15th July 2012.

The Auriga Mysteries School and The Sun & The Serpent Maya Mysteries School

Presented the 6th Maya "Dreamtime"

Assembly Rooms Glastonbury England 14th-15th July 2012.

It was a celebration of the completion of the Great Cycle, coinciding with 1 Imix (Fri 13th July 2012) and the beginning of the last round of the T'zolkin before 21 Dec 2012, The Auriga Mysteries School and The Sun & Serpent Mysteries School gave a full weekend of Vision Council, Ceremony and Celebration in Glastonbury 13-15th July 2012. Hosted in the home of MayaDreatime, the Assembly Rooms located in the town centre. We were very exited at the prospect of this joining together of faces new and old for something very special.

Guests included Colorado based Shaman Lionfire; researcher and radio host Nick Marchmont; Herbalist and Druid, Melanie Cardwell; Mark Heley, author of 'The Everything Guide to 2012' and the co-founder of Peace2012 and Visionary Artist and author Alloa Patrica.  Entertainment on the Saturday evening included the Glastonbury based band ?The Last Hawthorns who played an upbeat blend of funk, reggae, pop and latin styles and ?Dancing on the Edge of Chaos? - Trance Dance with DJ and drum specialist Graham Game.
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