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Evolving human consciousness

 Evolution of Human Consciousness and Maya Indian Predictions.

Patricia, visionary and artist, author of ?Maya End Times? and 'Crystal Skulls & the Enigma of Time?, offers talks, powerpoint and interactive presentations investigating this unique time in history when humanity is being asked to make choices affecting our children and our grandchildren?s children. The New Awareness coming into focus and prompted by the Long Count calendar of the Maya people of Central America beckons us with the possibility for positive evolution of mind, body and spirit by offering the conscious choice of two timelines:

CHOICE....The timeline which leads the human race towards unsustainability and destruction.

Or..... The timeline which leads to sustainability and our evolution.

The presentations may include:

  • Reawakening old wisdom through an introduction to ceremony.
  • Placing Maya teachings in the context of world evolution alongside fundamental changes brought about by positive action to clear outdated social structures, such as the fall of the Berlin wall, the ending of apartheid and public protests for personal freedom within Islamic countries.
  • Investigating why crystals are being used as personal healing tools.
  • Understanding enigmatic crystal skulls that are being revealed to humanity at this nexus point, prompting us to look within our own skulls and illuminate our consciousness to evolve ?superconsciousness?. 
  • Grasping the  realizations that in the greater Quantum Field of Life and Light nothing is separate.


For those seeking clarity as we progress through the years let me explain how Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is regarded as the Maya K?iché ?navel of the world?. Its clear sparkling waters and blue-tinged depths reflect the sky and volcanoes around its shore. At dawn and sunset the pink clouds floating gently above it are said to hold the souls of little children waiting to be re-born.

Can we hold this picture in our minds, envisioning a world of CLARITY where mothers will give birth to children who will inherit a loving, nurturing planet? This blue-green ?paradise garden? already provides all our needs and yet we abuse her. An example of this is how great dumps of rotting rubbish beside Lake Atitlan are polluting the water.


Signs are in place that indicate we can achieve clarity. Now is the time to finally clear our ?stuff?, throw out our personal rubbish in a way that is non-harmful to others. So we are calling all visionaries, spiritual guides, artists, writers, poets and others who have something positive to contribute, to use the potent energies available to us to dream a better world and actively make changes to support it.

There are already many organized meditations, so gather with your like-minded ?soul family? on these occasions when the solar and cosmic energies increase. This is the turning of the Ages you have all incarnated for and your groups are likely to have been together in other times and dimensions preparing for just this portal of time. As I review these words in 2016 the long-awaited so-called Arab Spring or call for greater freedom has been countered by various factions warring against one another. Displaced civilians and refugees are seeking safety and many are entering Europe. At the present time the need to see the bigger picture, join in with synchronized peace meditations where the power of concentrated prayer and meditation beneficially alter the morphogenetic fields of energy in war-torn regions, has never been greater. 

The Maya wisdom teachers of Central America have long said that during 2012 we reached the culmination of a 5,125 year cycle of time that was written about in their sacred books and preserved as cryptic clues on carved stones. At the end of this period, written in their Long Count Calendar and sometimes referred to as Year Zero we entered the Fifth Age or ?Creation? of the world. What this has come to mean to those who study indigenous teachings and prophecies is not that we were in for a Hollywood style apocalyptical ending. But we all have the opportunity to change our personal and planetary focus to best transition through the increased solar and cosmic energies reaching our planet. This work begins with transforming our own consciousness in a way that hitherto has not been possible.

 All the information being made available through visionaries? leads us to believe that a profound change in human consciousness is happening right now. It is occurring on a D.N.A. level in the cells of our body as we change the vibrational nature of our cells to absorb more light. This light is both the physical light of the Sun and a spiritual Light that never before has been so accessible to humanity. Actually it can be said that we are transmuting our bodies, purifying our souls and getting ready to incarnate as a totally different type of human. No longer are we the species homo sapiens sapiens who developed alongside Neanderthal Man. We are stepping into the bodies of the luminous Beings of Light we already truly are, as homo spiritus.

Although the years ahead will offer every one of us great challenges on a physical, social and environmental level the otherworlds of spiritual growth will not allow this evolution of humanity to fail. If at times you are despairing, draw a divine type of Light and physical visible light deeper into your body. There its essences will help you. It is in the inner realms that we achieve our greatest goals ? our greatest transformation. 

On mental levels we can assist the changes we are experiencing by moving away from the limiting thoughts of duality and into the third vector that leads us into inclusive solutions to any problems. There is always another way to speak about something or express oneself that does not harm others or polarize a situation in the outdated ways of the world of duality. (I have written a great deal about clearing our mental levels to assist our evolution into homo spiritus in my book ?Crystal Skulls & the Enigma of Time?.  There is always a choice to make and always a positive way to act.

 If your physical body is undergoing changes or illness find ways to clear toxic substances from it so that it can function at optimum levels. Many people are experiencing increased headaches and the pain of energetic and physical blockages in limbs and organs as powerful cosmic energies interact with Earth?s magnetics. Be aware that this too will change as you come into the destiny that was intended for you when you agreed to incarnate on this planet. At that time, way back in the memory of your soul, you volunteered to be here NOW, not because it would be a cool thing to do, or you were promised an easy ride, but because you had trained yourself for precisely this period of Earth time.

When things are difficult deliberately seek out the company of like-minded people for they are part of your soul family; work through problems and celebrate your human potential with them. Members of this soul family have had a 'contract' to come into and out of incarnation together in order to remind themselves of their path. Otherwise spiritual knowledge would be lost and not passed on whilst on Earth. These people are your teachers - and you are theirs!

The years ahead are primed for us to be outspoken and pro-active about our human spiritual destiny! It will be switched on and enhanced by sitting together in circles, praying and meditating together, constantly activating our highest qualities. You will find such people gathering together in sacred places, drawn together spontaneously as a ?med-mob? who is prepared to open to the pulse of Great Spirit that courses through such sites. Within these sacred places of which I speak, such as ancient temples, stone circles, mountain tops, pristine forest, sea or lakeside, there is always an increased flow of cosmic energies interacting with earth magnetic frequencies that can be felt, or occasionally seen, by sensitive people. They are sometimes referred to as ?dragon energies? or ?ley lines?. When combined with human interaction these energies potentize the planetary chakras that maintain the subtle balance of Earth?s vibrational rate just as our human chakra system maintains a healthy equilibrium for our body. Together this is part of the Native American ?Web of Life? that connects all in harmony.

Whatever you are doing to change yourself, the act of ?being in the Now? is the single most important factor. No longer do we need to hang on to past karma or agonize about the future. Being in the Now is the most freeing action we can take ? and of course it happens every moment, every day!

When we look at the bigger picture it is not just our planet that is changing for our whole solar system and galaxy, over a period of years, is orbiting into alignment with the galactic centre. This is the very event that was forecast by the Ancient Maya shaman-priests sitting atop their jungle temples studying the night sky over aeons of time. (In our times the researcher John Major Jenkins has much to inform us about this galactic centre alignment.

The Pleiades stars appear repeatedly in Maya Daykeeping and mythology. To the Maya priests & shaman they are Tzeb, the tail of the rattlesnake. According to Maya cosmovision the Earth is considered  part of the Pleiadian star system. The symbolism of the conjunction of the Pleiades with the Sun is the movement across the sky and the ascension of the god-man serpent being, Quetzalcoatl, known as Ku-kuul-kaan to the Maya.

 Although these stars will not be visible during daylight their energetic effects are still apparent. Hence the desirability to meditate upon their significance. Visualise sister moon (Uc), Great Father Sun (Kin) each as a lens focused at that time on the tail of the Feathered  Serpent... the tail of the serpent has a rattle, a vibration and is a warning sound. 


The conjunction of the Pleiades with the Sun during May, as a daylight zenith-passage, was encoded into the Great Pyramid of Ku-kuul-kaan at Chichen Itzá, Mexico. It was connected with the timing of the New Fire Ceremony and tracking the precession of the equinoxes. The importance of this Pleiadian alignment has been obscured by the famous serpent shaped light-shadow phenomenon that occurs on the balustrade of the pyramid?s steps and culminates in large stone carvings of serpent heads at the base.

The following quote is from Maya researcher John Major Jenkins,

The date of the Pleiades's midnight zenith passage defines an event that always occurs exactly half a year later: the conjunction of the Pleiades with the Sun. Let's state it again: The midnight zenith-passage of the Pleiades defines the day exactly six months later when the sun and the Pleiades are in conjunction. Why is this important? Well, it's difficult to know exactly when the sun and the Pleiades are in conjunction, because in fact the Pleiades are lost in the rays of the Sun for over six weeks-the conjunction is not directly visible. Also, both the November date (Pleiadian zenith passage at midnight) and the May date (Sun/Pleiades conjunction) move forward though the year with precession. By observing the shifting dates of the Pleiades's midnight zenith-passage in November, Central Mexican astronomers knew the exact date of the sun-Pleiades conjunction in May.?

 Observations such as this were important to the Maya astronomer-priests in their tracking of the precession of the equinoxes. Additionally the Pleiades were central to myths about the origins of their culture but present-day archaeologists place the emergence of Mesoamerican civilization at around 1200BC with the rise of Mayan influence much later. Yet the Maya present many mysteries to us, the seeker, for they walk the ?threads of time? between past, present and future, revealing vast aeons of cosmic time. They, along with other Mesoamerican races, realized that human life was seeded from the stars and the Pleiades in particular have long been associated with birth and re-birth as well as the spiritual nature of humanity. Yet another star group making up what we know as Orion, or to the Maya, the turtle, was the ?pyramidal house of Hunab K?u (the prime Creator)? from where our physical attributes linked to human D.N.A. originated.

Quote from Patricia Mercier?s book ?Maya End Times?: ?Each year in November a special New Fire Ceremony is still enacted by modern Hopi, along with an emergence ceremony called Wuwuchim that takes initiates through a kind of spiritual rebirth. Many people gather for the ceremonies, packed into the kiva like a flock of colourful birds at a waterhole in a desert. Their traditional dresses are resplendent with feathers, turquoise and bone jewellery. Everyone is wathing and waiting for a special moment. Peering up through the hole in the roof they study the display of stars in the cold night sky, spread above them like a diamond-studded dark cloak. As soon as a very special cluster of stars, the Pleiades, appears and stands directly overhead in the velvety blackness, encircled by the roof hole, the ceremony culminates with everyone rushing and trying to get up the kiva?s ladder to the outside ? being reborn, before the world symbolically ends.'

So the relevance of all this is that if we reconnect with the stars and astronomical influences such as alignments, eclipses, solstices and equinoxes, we place ourselves in a position to receive a vibrational upgrade of energy as it is ?lensed?, or amplified, through to us on the planet, by our Sun. This in turn, wakes up the sleeping human consciousness so that the true beings of light we really are may emerge.