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Who we are:       Alloa Patricia Mercier. 

I am professionally trained in many aspects of holistic healing work, including colour, crystals, Yoga and I am a Reiki-woman Master Teacher. For many years I have dedicated myself to writing and artwork,

particularly around the themes of the wisdom teachings of the Maya of Central America, evolution of humanity and subtle energies. You can see all my recent books on my website;   My book The Chakra Bible was 5th in the lists of Energy books and 12th in the Yoga books on

My artwork is on

Over the years I have been initiated into shamanic and ceremonial work with Maya elders, wisdom teachers and shamans which have taken me, in company with my husband Mikhail, to the Central American countries of the present-day Maya world. In 1995 I undertook a Solar Initiation and in 2000 was initiated into The Sovereign Solar Order of Chichen Itza, Mexico, by Elder and Daykeeper Hunbatz Men. I have also experienced initiatic journeys, in the wild terrain of Guatemala with Don Alejandro Cirillo Perez Oxlaj and have since traveled widely in these areas as well as other sacred places throughout the world.

I am passionate about sharing my vision for a positive future with others and appreciate the vitality and energy that is transmitted through dedicated ceremonies. Some words I really resonate with were spoken by Chief Sonne Reyna at the 2008 Mayadreamtime Vision Council, when he asked us to activate our new sacred sites ? ?the places where Nature has not been disturbed?.

The new book I am currently writing is 'Quantum Chakras'. I have completed the Amazonian Rainforest herbal which features so prominently in my life, because it brings together my love of plants and passion for environmental conservation in the Rainforest. I continue to value the elemental Earth energies of flowers and vegetables that connect me with the ethos of the Findhorn Foundation eco-spiritual community as a resource person for Andalucia, Spain.

Mikhail and I are available for interviews, talks, workshops and PowerPoint presentations in Europe and the Americas. 

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Mikhail Baker

My passion is about people co-operating together in the spirit of community. I traveled to, and studied intentional communities both on the U.K. and U.S.A. in the early 70’s and subsequently formed  an intentional land-based ecologically orientated community where I lived for some 30 years. I am currently in Spain having supervised construction of an eco built house designed to maximize use of water, wind, sun and rain.

Currently my Resource Person activities on behalf of the Findhorn Foundation, an internationally famous eco-spiritual community in Scotland helps networking in the region of Andalucia.

For many years I  was a  teacher at Theo Gimbel’s Hygeia College of Colour in Gloucestershire and in due course became trustee of a charitable organisation promoting two international conferences on the healing properties of Light, Colour & Sound , one at Reading University and one in 2001 at  Queens' College, Cambridge.

In recent years I have studied the effects of vibrational healing at D.N.A. cellular level, in particular the use of sound, light, and colour (for which I have professional qualifications).

Since the 1970’s I have traveled extensively in Central America and in 1998 Maya Elders of the Itza tradition invited my wife and I to create a Mysteries School for the study of the Mysteries of Time and the Universe. In 2000 I took part in a Solar Initiation, which became known as The Sovereign Solar Order of Chichen Itza.

I have given presentations / talks on cruise liners about the history of indigenous peoples of the Americas and the environmental problems they face as a consequence of exploitation and unsustainable development. I can be contacted regarding availability.

In 2011 I had the honor to be invited to take part in the film "Land Awakening" , a full length feature film  about unique initiatives in Spain, France, Italy and Greece. A journey to discover the values each of us can achieve  through re-connecting with the land and food growing naturally through Permaculture  methods.

I have been a co-organizer, of four Maya Dreamtime Festivals in Glastonbury, U.K. during the period 1995 to 2008 that brought Indigenous Elders and 'bridge people' from different cultures of the Americas to share their wisdom and visions for an equitable, safe and eco-sustainable future. I continue their work with Vision Councils in U.K. and Europe.

Much of my personal time is devoted to the mastership of Reiki according to the Japanese tradition adopted by Dr. Mikao Usui, both as a teacher as well as in my personal life as an elder, father and Grandfather. The daily practice of Reiki has strengthened me to overcome a life threatening condition some 4 years ago.


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