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Earth Energies

Over the years our Mysteries School has been working with Earth Energies in a number of ways. With the use of focused healing during meditation, that energy is  sent out from the meditation circle through the ley lines and wider energy field referred to in Native American teachings as the Web of Life.

Should you wish to use this type of meditation, begin of course by lighting a candle and dedicating your intention. Visualize the healing beneficial energy as pure Light and Love radiating out from the centre of your circle (or the candle) firstly to the immediate area and then radiating further and further afield; name your locality, your region, your country, your continent and then the whole planet Earth.

A spiritual overview of life declares: 'every part of this Earth is sacred to our people'.

Positive focus with meaningful ceremony in any natural location, that has been preserved in as near pristine state as possible, enables the location to remain energised as a sacred site.

There are ancient places where one just knows that powerful energy is held; in Britain they may be stone circles, sacred springs and old pre-christian sites of worship. Try checking out the interaction of energies at such places by dowsing with pendulum or metal rods. Take a notebook with you and map the energy.  We find the metal rods are best for locating ley lines, water, minerals etc. since they are less affected by wind (or a shaky hand!) than a pendulum.

Around Britain are many people and groups practicing dowsing from whom you could learn.


Using your higher Faculties upon visiting an Ancient Sacred site: 

I offer some thought and guidance on how to enter and leave an ancient sacred place based on my time spent with Elders both within the Western Mystery Tradition as well as Indigenous people of other cultures.To begin a visit to a sacred site  it is  appropriate to be mindful that many  pre-date Christianity by  thousands of years and have their roots in a time when, as the mystic Rudolph Steiner puts it, the veil between this and other worlds was less dense than the present day. You have only to stand on the stage of a Greek ampitheatre ruin in Turkey to experience what Playing to the Gods must have been like. So the first lesson before entering is to unwind your own twenty-first century conditioning and replace the deductive left brain with  childlike innocence.

Be open too, to the reality that over a long period of time, many people have built up thought imprints and a connectivity to the essence that becomes an invisible energetic vibration that sets a 'tone'. How else might you describe the atmosphere in a church cathedral or mosque?

Before I visit a site, I note the moon phase and any wind and rain because I find this influences conductivity of energy for myself as well as the site. I am in the habit of keeping careful notes both during as well as after, because I like to make repeated visits over a period of time.

Now that there is an I Mac application enabling an immediately check on the position of planets and constellations wherever I stand on site, even in broad daylight, I have an additional research refinement to hand.

In my apprenticeship instruction from Elders and Xamen in Central America there has always been an emphasis on the importance of ensuring my personal ecology is in harmony with the natural ecology (that my 'inner landscape' matches the outer landscape).

When visiting sacred sites in Britain or Europe I focus attention on our Celtic roots. Remembering that in England until the Synod of Whitby, (England) in 664 A.D. Celtic Christianity continued many of the Druidic traditions which taught the aspirant to see and understand how the sacred was around us everywhere and in our everyday lives. Theurgy (literally God's work) is to be found in aspects of everyday material objects (the sacred geometry of the flower, the cadences in bird song etc.) enabling the soul to unify with Divinity.

Respect, Ritual, Reunion, are at the forefront  for me on a visit to an ancient site. At the entrance, my Elders have emphasized the importance of asking permission from the Guardians, Ancestors - a silent act of respect.  Also asking 'what is the teaching that is there for me?' An act of Reunion! I always leave by the same way as I entered. Retracing, my steps!

I make careful written note of all that comes to each of my senses even if there is no immediatly apparent reason. I look to see if there is a guardian of the site,  for example, a mole, a bird of prey or whatever and more often than not I sit and contemplate what that connection may mean because I find there are many lessons to be understood from insects, birds and the four leggeds.

Most importantly at an appropriate moment during the visit, I include a little ceremony to give  offering of pure tobacco, flowers and / or blessed water I  usually carry with me for this purpose. In this way I fulfill my respectful connection with the Guardians and Ancestors of the site. Finally upon leaving, at the exit I turn toward the site and give thanks for what I have learnt, also checking that pranksters/elves/wee people are not causing me to forget my dowsing rods and pendulum!

There are many finer points I have left out, but I hope this may be a helpful introduction to those who desire to dig a little deeper and lift the veil between spirit and matter. 

Mikhail      8th  June 2010


The Michael and Mary Earth Energy Dragon Line across Britain

Two interdependent and intertwining major energy lines cross southern England from the east coast of Norfolk at Hopton to the far west of Cornwall. These lines pass through a number of legendary sacred sites such as Bury St Edmunds Abbey, Avebury stone circle, Glastonbury Tor, The Cheesewring stones and St. Michael's Mount.  This alignment coincides with the direction of the rising sun on the 1st May, or Beltaine as it was called by Celtic people who recognized a terrestrial force, the Spiritus Mundi or Earth Spirit.  The two lines follow through an extraordinary number of special or ancient sites including early churches dedicated to either St. Michael or St. Mary, sometimes the lines appearing to touch each other as if to kiss, sometimes crossing. Along this line in ancient times, Celts and Druids would ceremonially celebrate the Beltaine day fire festival of the Celtic year.


Beltaine celebrations played a central part in the in the cycle of the Celtic year, Celtic sacred sites, were ceremonially used  at this time of great fertility in plant and animal kingdoms. With masculine and feminine energies at their peak of expression. Cattle were purified and passed through the Beltaine fires  and taken to summer pastures. This was part of the year known as the "Hunter Gatherer and Farming and Settlement cycles" A yearly cycle our ancestors used to honour their relationship with nature and the Earth herself.

 You may like to follow the Michael & Mary lines in Britain as a modern day pilgrimage. Much work has been undertaken in recent years to establish a viable route and if you follow these lines, as many pilgrims once did, the book The Sun and the Serpent by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst, Pendragon Press, is excellent reading. Further help may be obtained from The Parallel (on line) Community. Contact details

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