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Sun  & Serpent Maya Mysteries School. 

This Mysteries School is one of many global autonomous Mysteries or Mystery Schools who throughout history hold a common theme to research, study and share information for the awakening of humanity and the healing of Mother Earth.

For the Mysteries School there are no modern buildings, no scheduled curriculum, no registration or graduation degrees. This school uses a different form of education encouraging human beings to understand the responsibility they are entrusted with in the Greater Plan for all life in the Universe. Earth and the Cosmos are the classroom, sacred sites are the cosmic library and the collective Wisdom of our Elders and Ancestors the key to the gateway of understanding.

Mother Earth, Father Sun, Sister Moon and Brother Stars are our teachers and Spirit sets the path we take. Through our wisdom and insight we study the Mysteries of Creation and Universal Laws.There is no aspiration to create a secret or closed organization that leads to exclusiveness or separation; those structures are falling apart in the Age unfolding.

All living things are interconnected through the web of life which by its nature is not earthbound, but Cosmic. We are not here at this time by chance. The very essence of that cosmic consciousness within our Spirit was kindled as we took our first breath at the moment of birth. One of the Great Tests is simply, that of choice!

The Mayan Fourth Age of 5,200 years is ending. Other ancient traditions ?speak? of end times. We place a dis-empowering limitation upon ourselves if we ignore our human destiny to evolve into 'Homo Spiritus'.

The power of our positive thoughts translated into responsible actions through understanding of who we are and why we are here, can and will avert cataclysm, which befell previous civilizations.

 You are invited to re-connect with the greatest resource bank in creation.

 August 2004

 Sun & Serpent Maya Mysteries School.

Bey ti? ka?an. Bey ti? lu?um

As in the sky, so in the Earth      (Maya language)                                 


Greeting Prayers to the seven directions ceremony.

Making formal connection with spiritual dimensions does not demand a priest or shaman in attendance. If our intention is clear each of us can invoke our direct connection with worlds beyond the visible one around us.

A most appropriate way to begin a connection is with ceremony to honor the spiritual dimensions of each direction. It is often referred to as a medicine wheel. This upholds a tradition of many cultures ? from the Celts to the Maya, literally it is a spiritual medicine or teaching  and reminder of our human connection with the universe.

In the Maya Medicine Wheel tradition, colour red is to east, colour blue to the west, colour white to the north and colour yellow to the south in that order and they are followed by direction of above, below and within, making seven in all.


Stand facing the direction of east.

We greet you Lakín Chac Xib Chaak, Balam of the east. From your house of light, land of the morning star, place of new beginnings and renewal of life, hearthstone of becoming, eternal source of awakening and coming to power.

We honour you. May wisdom dawn in us. We ask you for your energy of renewal. Awaken us so that we may see all things with clarity.

Turn to the west.

We greet you Chin Kín Ek Xib Chaak Balam of the west. From your house of transformation, land of the Thunder Beings, Hearthstone of Great Father Sun and Bed of Sister Moon, where light enters darkness and inspiration is born.

We honour you. May our wisdom be transformed into right actions so we may do what must be done.

Turn to the north.

We greet yo shaman Sak Xib Chaak, Balam of the north. From your house of night, land of the anchor star, hearthstone of our ancestors. We honour you. May we see the fruiting branches of the raised up world tree. May wisdom ripen in us so that we may know all from within.

Turn to the south.

We greet you Nohol Kán Xib Chaak, Balam of the south. From your house of the eternal sun, eternal source of sustenance, place of maturing and hearthstone of wisdom.

We honour you. May our right actions reap a good harvest that we may attain our highest position of life so we may enjoy the fruits of caring for our Mother Earth.

Raising your hands and gazing upwards.

We greet you Yokol Kaan, green heart of the sky and Ixcheel Goddess of birth and motherhood. From the house of One first Father and One First Mother, where star people and ancestors gather around the Hearthstones of Creation, Tepeu, Gugumatz and Huyab Kaan.

We honour you, may you guide our path this day.

Touching the ground, look down.

We greet you Yokol Kab. From the below house of Mother the Earth, may the heartbeat of your core awaken and strengthen our heartbeat, that with synchronicity of right actions we may bring peace and an end to all wars and conflict.

Crossing hands on your heart.

We greet you Hunab Kú. From the centre Galactic Source which is everywhere at once. May everything be known through the light of Mutual Love.


Om Yum Hunab Kú      Evam Maya E Ma Ho




Sing the Michael and Mary Lines from Cornwall to Norfolk and beyond.

On the evening of 30 April groups will send a chant and songs into as many points along the lines as we can. Our intent is to send love and gratitude to these lines of mother earth and to reawaken our connection to her. In doing so we can embrace the sacred feminine and masculine within ourselves and all phenomena, honouring the life force of Gaia.

Danu has quested  a new chant we can all share and we can then also add other songs and toning to the event.

We will be injecting a huge boost of energy into the grid and it would be great, all dowsers out there, to have you dowse before and afterwards to see the effects. Dowsing can really help make visible how the earth responds to our intent.

If you don't live along these particular lines but suspect you are on a tributary, or if you know where the important lines are in your area then join in and send your sound into those. If you don't know, go and find out. Many ancient sites are on ley lines and key energy points. They all possibly connect up somewhere. so nothing will be lost.

Here are some questions to ask ourselves as we begin this work:

Are we in right relationship to where we live?
What kind of sound are we making? What does our energy and contribution to life sound like?
Is our energy as clear as it can be?
Are we truthful?
Are we respectful? of ourselves, others and the 'more-than-human' world?
Do we realise how lucky we are? Do we express our gratitude every day? How often do you say and sound out Thank you?
How often do you sing Thank you?
How often do you do something for the territory/place which holds you?
Do you notice what is right there in nature around you?
Do you know where your nearest natural water source is? Where are the springs which feed your taps? Have you paid tribute to them lately?
What do you give back for the gifts you receive?

There will be many sounds and songs of appreciation in you. It's not about being a good singer although of course that is very welcome. We don't have a collective heritage of songs from our past hunter gatherers here in the UK but that doesn't matter. We just need to begin again.

To use a phrase from David Plotkin's book Soulcraft,

"When a sufficient number of contemporary people have reentered nature's soulstream and become conscious contributors to the unfolding story of the world, industrialized nations might mature into sustainable, ecocentric and soulcentric communities, inhabited by people who are wildly creative, imaginative, adventurous, tolerant, generous, joyous and coopertaive members of the more-than-human world. This is my prayer."

Singing our land can help us enter 'nature's soulstream'.To know that all over the UK and hopefully beyond there will be an active Songline tradition once again, this is my prayer.

You can join Earth Singers on Facebook:

Words for the Mary & Michael chant:

Yona ha hey ha na
Yena ha hey ha na
Yona ha na a ha na
Yona hana

The round is simpler: just Yona hana.


International Day of Dowsing

On Sat 5 May at 3pm groups of singers and dowsers are gathering all along the Michael / Mary Dragon lines to perform and measure the effects of a short ceremony with the intention of singing thank you and giving love and appreciation for our lands. Inspired by the Songlines tradition of Australia, Danu Fox, singer, musician and founder of Earth Singers, a pioneering programme for stewarding land, has instigated this event and it is the first time anything like this has been done on a national scale across the UK. If you'd like to join in please go to the Earth Singers Facebook page or email Danu: Enjoy!



The Wesak Full Moon

The Wesak Full Moon Time 5:36 am (3:36 GMT) 6 May 2012

WESAK is the beginning of the new spiritual year in the sense that sacred sites and places of worship become fully opened and most active to receive the largest amounts of Spiritual Light.

Wesak is Buddha's birthday; the time when all initiates of the path of the heart and lightworkers, enter full moon ceremony with Buddha, the Enlightened Masters and their Divine Presence.

The time of Wesak is a time to support  a soul's dedication to walk the path with the light.. Wesak occurs once a year and each year's Wesak is very special.

At this time it is a practice of Buddhists to come together to take or renew the Eight Precepts. Anybody can follow the five precepts but what carries a person a forward toward Buddahood is to go for Refuge.

The first three precepts, (the Three Refuges) are

The Buddha is the Guide

The Dharma is the Path

The Sangha are the Teachers


Buddhism is not a religion; it is simply a way of life.

If you light a candle on that day and simply find time to be reflective and at peace within yourself, then you you will find you are already on the path.



International Indigenous Games

At a time when the world media is focused on the Olympic Games in London, we would respectfully mention the Indigenous Nations Games were held on the island of Porto Real in the city of Porto Nacional, Brazil, Wednesday Nov. 9, 2011. They didn't have the world media attention, but they must have been just as enjoyably colourful and spectacular

More than 1,000 Indians from 38 ethnic groups  participated in the XI Indigenous Games, in which athletes compete in disciplines like archery, spear throwing, canoeing, swimming, among other sports.

Other sporting traditions like the Tarahumara Foot throwing  and the Blow Pipe of the Xingu were not represented this year

Here are some Pics



Borodo competing in spear throwing









                                                                                                             Matis  Indian  Bow & Arrow competition








Tree trunk race










The twelve most significant dates and alignments during 2012 are:


May 20 Total Solar Eclipse as well as Pleiades Zenith Conjunction at Chichen Itzá, Mexico.

June 6 Venus Transit of the Sun

June 20 Summer Solstice


July 14 & 15 end of previous and beginning of last T'zolkin count before December 21. Celebrate with 6th Maya Dreamtime Festival, Glastonbury, UK.

September 22 Equinox


November 13 Total Solar Eclipse

November 19 Pleiades Alignment

December 12th 8 B'ATZ Kiché Maya Day of the Sacred Bundle.


December 21 Winter Solstice. DAY ZERO.


December 22 EARTHSEEKER DAY. Birth of a new alignment of planetary energies 

Here is more about the specific 2012 dates:  

May 20 Total Solar Eclipse as well as Pleiades Zenith Conjunction at Chichen Itzá, Mexico.

How appropriate, this day is 10 Chicchan/Kan (Serpent) in the T'zolkin Calendar. In Maya mythology four celestial serpents, the chicchans guarded the four quarters of the world. Hence this four in one concept encompasses the planet and is a perfect sign for the Solar Eclipse to occur within. As kundalini energy the serpent also strongly influences the human body. With regards to this day 10 signifies co-operation, society and the laws of society - it is two hands (represented by 5) coming together. Kan, the serpent represents knowledge and so the May 20th event could well signify an increase in wisdom and power within society. Kan is ambivalent, it is raw creative power, raw wisdom, so perhaps 10 Kan can be seen as a day on which we receive wisdom about the laws of society or wisdom with which we can reshape the laws of society. How we reshape them and how we use this power will be up to us.

 Hence as the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon it is the moment to consciously draw a new vibration into your being through your chakras and spinal column. The number 10 further reinforces the link to our bodies, i.e. 10 fingers and toes, making the influential number 20 that appears repeatedly in Mayan daykeeping.

 Whether you are in the direct line of the Eclipse or whether you cannot see it in your part of the world it is still the moment to work with the energies since what this total Eclipse brings is a balancing action of solar and lunar frequencies coming to Earth. At this time gather with your soul family, those who have inner knowledge, and meditate together in harmony.

 The maximum point of the Eclipse occurs at 23:53:54 GMT and the line it takes is mostly across the north Pacific. (


The Pleiades stars appear repeatedly in Maya Daykeeping and mythology. To the Maya priests & shaman they are Tzeb, the tail of the rattlesnake. According to Maya cosmovision the Earth is considered  part of the Pleiadian star system. The symbolism of the conjunction of the Pleiades with the Sun is the movement across the sky and the ascension of the god-man serpent being, Quetzalcoatl, known as Ku-kuul-kaan to the Maya.

Although these stars will not be visible during daylight their energetic effects are still apparent. Hence the desirability to meditate upon their significance. Visualise sister moon (Uc), Great Father Sun (Kin) each as a lens focused at that time on the tail of the Feathered  Serpent... the tail ofthe serpent has a rattle, a vibration and is a warning sound. What does it say to you?

The conjunction of the Pleiades with the Sun on this May date, as a daylight zenith-passage, was encoded into the Great Pyramid of Ku-kuul-kaan at Chichen Itzá, Mexico. It was connected with the timing of the New Fire Ceremony and tracking the precession of the equinoxes. The importance of this Pleiadian alignment has been obscured by the famous serpent shaped light-shadow phenomenon that occurs on the balustrade of the pyramid?s steps and culminates in large stone carvings of serpent heads at the base.


The following quote is from Maya researcher John Major Jenkins,

The date of the Pleiades's midnight zenith passage defines an event that always occurs exactly half a year later: the conjunction of the Pleiades with the Sun. Let's state it again: The midnight zenith-passage of the Pleiades defines the day exactly six months later when the sun and the Pleiades are in conjunction. Why is this important? Well, it's difficult to know exactly when the sun and the Pleiades are in conjunction, because in fact the Pleiades are lost in the rays of the Sun for over six weeks-the conjunction is not directly visible. Also, both the November date (Pleiadian zenith passage at midnight) and the May date (Sun/Pleiades conjunction) move forward though the year with precession. By observing the shifting dates of the Pleiades's midnight zenith-passage in November, Central Mexican astronomers knew the exact date of the sun-Pleiades conjunction in May.


June 6 Venus Transit of the Sun

This day is 1 Ik (wind) in the T'zolkin calendar.

The transit or passage of a planet across the face of the Sun is a relatively rare occurrence. This transit will be widely visible (using eye protection to look at the Sun) from the western Pacific, eastern Asia and eastern Australia. North and Central America, and northern South America will witness the beginning of the transit (on June 5) but the Sun will set before the event ends. Similarly, observers in Europe, western and central Asia, eastern Africa and western Australia will see the end of the event. On an esoteric level this is a wave of energy that will bring a new unified universal heart consciousness. 


June 20  Summer Solstice

This day is 2 Cib (vulture) in the T'zolkin calendar and the exact time of the Solstice is 23.09 GMT.

At this key point of the year when solar energy is at its height it is an appropriate time to meditate with the power of Great Father Sun. You may consider using the Maya prayer taught by Daykeeper Hunbatz Men, Itza Maya Tradition:

 Father Sun give me strength

Father Sun make me wise

Father Son make me into a seed

Father Son make me Eternal.


July 14 & 15  end of previous and beginning of last T'zolkin count before December 21. Celebrate this weekend wherever you are. Or join together with friends and soul family for the 6th Maya Dreamtime Festival Glastonbury, UK.

( )

Saturday July 14 is 13 Ahau and Kin number 260 and Sunday July 15 is 1 Imix and Kin number 1 in the T'zolkin Calendar thus beginning the last T'zolkin count before December 21 falling 160 days later. This is a powerful weekend to cleanse, purify and finally recognize our completion (13 Ahau) and step into the last days of preparation for the shift of the Ages.


As the final day-sign of the Calendar this was most sacred to the Maya of classical times. Their rulers were Ahob (plural of Ahau)  lords who were at the same time shamans-priests-kings/queens. When the Ahau undertook ceremony he climbed up the sacred pyramid to the temple on top with zig-zag serpent-like steps. There he communed with the otherworlds and linked to the wisdom of the ancestors whose day this is. As the final flowering of the last round of the T'zolkin count July 14 deserves to be honoured as a time when many people alive today can achieve enlightenment.

 Conversely, the very next day, 1 Imix takes us right back to basics! We are left in the muddy waters just like a crocodile and even if we think we are enlightened we still have a long way to go in our swim up to the light. (Since enlightenment is found in the heart not the head.) Imix is the primal spirit and embodiment of birth and generation, traditionally called the Earth Monster who floats in the sea beneath the World Tree, just awaiting his time to be born. The Mayan glyph for Imix represents a water lily, also a symbolic flower in yogic teachings. So on 1 Imix, the first day of the T'zolkin we are reborn from the muddy waters and all our potential is before us, waiting, to fulfill our destiny. 



September 22 Equinox

The Equinox falls on the T'zolkin day of 5 Oc (or dog). Day and night are of equal length. Energies are balanced.

 In Mayan and Aztec myth, the dog carried a torch to light the way and guide souls through the underworld. As we journey through our own personal underworld we can choose to follow this torch and take the path that leads to the greater light of the spiritual sun. The glyph for this day is usually shown as a dog, but occasionally as a foot thus emphasizing the path of life.


November 13 Total Solar Eclipse

In the T'zolkin this day is 5 Ik (or wind).

November 19
?Pleiades Alignment on T'zolkin day of 11 Lamat (or rabbit, Venus or star).

 This is the date of the Sun's midnight zenith passage with the Pleiades. As we saw in the commentary on May 20th this midnight zenith passage of the Pleiades defines the day exactly six months later (in this case in May 2013) when the Sun and the Pleiades are in conjunction. It is only in the hours of darkness that this can be accurately observed.

Observations such as this were important to the Maya astronomer-priests in their tracking of the precession of the equinoxes. Additionally the Pleiades were central to myths about the origins of their culture but present-day archaeologists place the emergence of Mesoamerican civilization at around 1200BC with the rise of Mayan influence much later. Yet the Maya present many mysteries to us, the seeker, for they walk the threads of time between past, present and future, revealing vast aeons of cosmic time. They, along with other Mesoamerican races, realized that human life was seeded from the stars and the Pleiades in particular have long been associated with birth and re-birth as well as the spiritual nature of humanity. Yet another star group making up what we know as Orion, or to the Maya, the turtle, was the pyramidal house of Hunab K'u (the prime Creator) from where our physical attributes linked to human D.N.A. originated.

Quote from Patricia Mercier's book Maya End Times: 'Each year in November a special New Fire Ceremony is still enacted by modern Hopi, along with an emergence ceremony called Wuwuchim that takes initiates through a kind of spiritual rebirth. Many people gather for the ceremonies, packed into the kiva like a flock of colourful birds at a waterhole in a desert. Their traditional dresses are resplendent with feathers, turquoise and bone jewellery. Everyone is wathing and waiting for a special moment. Peering up through the hole in the roof they study the display of stars in the cold night sky, spread above them like a diamond-studded dark cloak. As soon as a very special cluster of stars, the Pleiades, appears and stands directly overhead in the velvety blackness, encircled by the roof hole, the ceremony culminates with everyone rushing and trying to get up the kiva's ladder to the outside being reborn, before the world symbolically ends.

So the relevance of all this is that if we reconnect with the stars and astronomical influences such as alignments, eclipses, solstices and equinoxes, we place ourselves in a position to receive a vibrational upgrade of energy as it is lensed, or amplified, through to us on the planet, by our Sun. This in turn, wakes up the sleeping human consciousness so that the true beings of light we really are may emerge.      

December 12th 8 BATZ Kiché Maya Day of the Sacred Bundle.

The Maya say that people born on a Batz or monkey day are natural Calendar Daykeepers or skilled artists or scribes. 8 Batz has a special significance to the Kiché Maya and if you are in the town of Momostenango on this day you will see many people from nearby villages flooding in for the 8 Monkey Festival. On this T'zolkin day new Daykeepers who have been preparing themselves are initiated at special shrines near the town. They are also taught how to read the red and black tz'ite beans according to the sacred count of days in order to give divination and advice to individuals.

The new Daykeeper will then place his divination beans along with other sacred objects such as incense, crystals, herbs and sharp black obsidian flakes or knives into his sacred bundle.

If you are working with shamanic traditions, or otherwise engaged with Earth rituals then this is an important day upon which to gather together your own sacred bundle of ceremonial objects. Here are some ideas of what this may comprise: candle, insence, herbs, sacred water, crystals, offerings, flowers and all manner of symbolic objects.       

December 21 Winter Solstice (Summer Solstice in southern hemisphere).

Referred to as DAY ZERO by modern Daykeepers. In the T'zolkin Sacred Calendar it is 4 Ahau (or Lord) and in the Great Cycle of Time it is the end of the twelfth Baktun. In order not to be confused by this count remember that the Maya were the first people to use the concept of zero. Hence thirteen cycles of 1,872,000 days have elapsed since the commencing date.

In yet another Maya count of time the Katun cycles are lasting approximately 20 years. this Katun is numbered 4 Ahau and it is when the god Kukuulcan or the Rainbow Feathered Serpent, Quetzalcoatl is destined to return. So the traditional prophecy for Katun 4 is one of spiritual regeneration and messianic expectation. 

Ahau means Lord or Ruler and the Ahau Pakal Votan used the prophetic properties of the calendars to optimistically project his own royal dynasty forward into eternity by recording on stone a Long Count date equivalent to October 23rd 4772 C.E. being some 2,760 years into our future. Actually some glyphic texts carved on stone record dates way, way back in the past millions of years ago, so obviously the ancient Daykeepers believed that there had been previous Great Cycles upon Earth.


What you can do: On this day gather together with like-minded people, your soul family. Make it a special celebration of Life, perhaps commencing at dawn and going right through to dusk. Find special ways to meditate and send good energies to one another and the Earth. Call upon all those who guide you in this life, whether they are incarnate or disincarnate beings and ask for their positive assistance to birth a new kind of humanity.  

Affirm that: I am a being of inner Love and Compassion.

Affirm that: You are a being of inner Love and Compassion.        

December 22 IS EARTHSEEKER DAY. Celebrate the birth of a new alignment of planetary energies. In the T'zolkin Calendar it is 5 Imix (or crocodile).

This is the day to be outside in nature to celebrate the birth and dawning of a completely new alignment of planetary energies.

On Earthseeker Day we are meeting our future in the ever-present Now. The seed has been planted. The birth of a new alignment of planetary energies in relation to the cosmos has occurred. Earthseeker Day enables us to be truly human. Individually and collectively it is when we may embrace our spiritual inheritance as homo spiritus - a new kind of being.


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