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 The foundation of all mystery schools throughout history has been exploration and study of humanity's spiritual levels of consciousness.

Our present world of perception reveals many levels of consciousness. We each have awareness of our own inner lives, but can only ever indirectly experience anyone else's inner life. As humanity evolves, both physically and spiritually, we are learning that consciousness is not just one single thing for as well as many levels there are nodal points of consciousness that connect us and form a bond between, friends, family, community or religious organization etc. The unifying factors within the framework of consciousness become identifiable at these nodal points.  

One such node is at the foundational framework level of all major world religions and is Awareness of  Spiritual Consciousness. Expressing a spiritual belief is not exclusive to any one religion. Noteworthy are the many indigenous people living close to nature holding a common core belief about life beyond physical realities. Without exception creation stories and trust in some sort of life beyond earthly realms are at the core.

This Mysteries School does not align itself with any particular religion: instead, it prefers to focus on the Spiritual wisdom of all traditions throughout history and explore its relevance to the present day, whilst learning to discern and manage potent psychic forces that shape our lives. This extends to the interdependence of all life, respecting intelligence expressed through animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, whilst noting that all Creation holds a vibrational frequency, which for convenience we simply call energy. 

On our personal journeys of discovery we may take paths leading us in many directions. The Mysteries School, like those of long ago, recognizes we each have a unique path to tread as we come to a realization about who we are and why we are on this third planet from the Sun. Yet it teaches us to find commonality and tolerance between all as we seek the uniting code and sacred geometry within Creation. 

Spirituality? What does it mean?


 We would be lacking in our work as a Mysteries school if we were not to give some attention to what is meant by the word spirituality.

 How does it differ from religion? At the heart of all religions lies an acknowledgement of the spiritual world; a world within and around us all the time.

 People are aware of a spiritual world but are increasingly choosing not to find it through formal religions as they become aware of the control  and power of those who manipulate religions for their own ends.

 The Sun & Serpent Maya Mysteries School put together a map showing the interrelationship  of daily living that goes together to make up the concept of spirituality.

 Underpinning the lives of most native indigenous peoples is belief in a relationship with more than what can be immediately seen with our eyes all around us. Equally important is an understanding and appreciation of human interdependence  with all life forms, that there exists something far greater than can be simply explained by the word "God".

As humanity reaches forward to grasp the immense potential of what it means to be linked through technical resources like the internet, a new reality will emerge to bring us to a purpose  filled understanding of why we are here now at this time on Planet Earth .

Uniting is the key to the survival of our species. However, it is a very difficult space for us to stay in whilst living in our segregated belief structures, our Construct. The Construct only allows for moments of true uniting. When united we are existing together in a harmonious state and functioning from a place that is more powerful than fear, hence removing us from our restrictive life stories.

As Andrew Cohen put in his advice about "Embracing the Future"

"We have good reason to feel a lot better about ourselves and our collective future. Maybe this could inspire us not to fear the future, but to be even more deeply, spiritually motivated to create a better future?and in doing so, become unapologetically positive about our role as evolving human beings at this time in history."

Andrew Cohen


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