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The Dragon Line of Ancient Britain - Ley line

The inspiration for Sun & the Serpent name was the book of the same title describing the journeys of Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst to discover the Michael-Mary ley lines. 

This Dragon earth energy or Ley line of ancient Celtic Britain straddles the southern parts of Britain from near Lands End to the Norfolk coast.

It links together powerfully charged fields of energetic places of worship and ceremony which to this present day attract thousands of people. Along this power filled line are a significant number of Christian and pre- Christian sites showing us many clues as if it is one vast treasure hunt. Perhaps the treasure becomes obvious inside ourselves if we undertake the journey of discovery from one end to the other, which is what the Celtic ancestors did when they discovered it was the perfect sunrise alignment at Beltane (May 2nd) in their calendar. 

The first clue lies in its name Dragon Line. Dragons breathe fire, and Beltane is celebrated as the Fire Festival of Celtic Britain. The second clue is in the other name for the Ley line which is ?The Michael Mary? line because as the line is traced on a map what immediately become obvious ate the number of Christian churches dedicated to St Michael, who was reputed to be the Dragon Slayer. 

In the 1970?s Expert Earth Energy diviner Hamish Miller took up the seed thoughts of John Michell and along with his friend Paul Broadhurst began the mammoth task of tracking and recording every detail they discovered about this ancient Dragon Energy line and it became known as the Michael Mary Earth energy line.

There were realisations from this mapping that the energy did not begin and finish on the shores of Britain, but that is another story.